February Newsletter

Hello, friends and family,

I want to begin February by extending warmth to anyone who may need it.
This time of year is cold and grey. Long winters— both literal and those trying times in our lives— are challenging and, often,

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Tracy Sanson
Suicide Prevention Week

Every day, we lose a physician. This is a public health crisis.

We can treat depression. Suicide is preventable. And yet, in America, we lose doctors on a daily basis. In their homes, in hospital chapels, in parking lots, on rooftops, they decide that the life of a physician is not one that they can bear.

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Maria Patterson
Dear Future Doctors

There are children just beginning their academic lives who have already decided they want to join our ranks. Somewhere, a kindergartener has declared to her mother that she will be a doctor someday. She has the same calling—a life in medicine—that each of us had and chose to pursue. This dedication to easing the pain of others is beautiful but not without peril.

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