TracySansonMD is a community, a place for conversation and celebration, a home for healthcare professionals seeking lives filled with balance and meaning.

I am dedicated to your personal and professional development. TracySansonMD is about taking the time and care to discern and cultivate your innate gifts. This space offers resources and encouragement, helping healthcare professionals and students move forward, embrace their essential gifts, and positively impact the world.

Through TracySansonMD, I offer:

I’m thrilled to share these resources with you. 


Dr. Tracy Sanson is a practicing emergency physician. She is a consultant and educator on leadership development and medical education.

A national and international speaker, Dr. Sanson also serves as a core faculty member for the American College of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Sanson has consulted and lectured internationally on administrative and management issues, leadership, professionalism, communication, patient safety, brand development, personal development, women’s issues, and emergency medical clinical topics for a wide range of healthcare organizations.

Dr. Sanson’s experience spans more than twenty years in Emergency Medicine Education and ED management. She has held director positions in the US Air Force, University of South Florida, and TeamHealth. Dr. Sanson trained at the University of Illinois at Chicago for medical school and her emergency medicine residency. She is the proud mother of three daughters.


No More Silence

There is a crisis among American healthcare professionals. We are facing unprecedented burnout, depression, and suicide among physicians, residents, and medical students.

TracySansonMD seeks to combat the silence surrounding physician suicide by acknowledging and embracing the humanity of individuals who dedicate their lives to caring for others.

We work to give physicians the tools to celebrate themselves, their work, and each other. We are dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals in the full spectrum of professional life: in times of development and success and in times of despondency and hopelessness.  

Physicians offer hope to so many patients in their care. Let’s offer that same hope to each other.