Dear Future Colleagues, 

This project is designed to envision and build a better future for all healthcare professionals. 

Do you remember the day you chose to pursue medicine? 

Do you remember what you imagined your life would be like? 

What does it mean to devote your life to the care of others? 

Let’s take some time to reflect, to consider how we might improve the factors that lead so many of us in the medical field to exhaustion and feelings of hopelessness. 

This project serves both as a glimpse of what it means to practice medicine in America today and as a commitment to future generations. 

Let’s paint a clear picture of what we want for tomorrow.  

Let’s start implementing positive changes now. 

This is the goal of the Dear Future Doctors project. Through letters to our future colleagues, we can lay bare our hopes for them, pass along our knowledge, and make a commitment to improving the lives of medical professionals.


Write a letter. What do you want your teammates to know? Let’s clarify our hopes for the future of medicine. Let’s work to turn those hopes into realities.

Send your letter through the form below and we’ll include it in our Dear Future Doctors online archive.



• What do you hope the practice of medicine to be like 50 years from now?

• What are the realities of practicing medicine in America today?

• What moments have inspired you? What moments have been your most challenging? What moves you?

• What are you committing to today to make the practice of medicine better and more sustainable for all of us in the future?

• What led you to medicine?

• What words of wisdom, truth, and encouragement do you have for the next generation of those called to care?