Dear Future Doctors - Anonymous


Careers can be made and broken in milliseconds. Sometimes, those moments decide who you will become as a provider. I have witnessed, over a 30 year period, skilled providers become nothing more than button pushers. And, on the other hand, I have seen those who once seemed careless become heroic.

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Tracy Sanson
Dear Future Doctor of America - Zachary Fulton, MD

Dear Future Doctor of America,

Welcome to the most challenging and rewarding career available. Medicine today, much like medicine of the past, involves caring for individuals who are ill, putting others’ needs before you're own, and helping to diagnose, treat, and cure disease, as well as advancing the scientific knowledge of medicine. Many physicians before you have paved the way with research and knowledge to help pass on the skills needed to care for the sick patient. Throughout your career you will find amazing opportunities to help those in need and develop very rewarding relationships with patients who trust in your knowledge and skill.

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Maria Patterson
Dear Future Doctors — Jim Sansone, MD

Dear Future Doctors,

Congratulations on your decision to practice medicine and completing the seemingly endless journey to get there. I wish you continued success and a lot of happiness in your future endeavors. Despite the many challenges I truly believe there is not a more rewarding profession. Yes, you will face hardships and trying times but given the opportunity and a good attitude, you will also be rewarded with the knowledge that you can positively change other's lives.

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Jenene Chesbrough
Dear Future Doctors — Tracy Sanson, MD, FACEP

Dear Future Doctor,

As long as I can remember, I knew I was going to be a doctor.  My sisters and brothers will attest that it was always my favorite role to take on in our imaginative play. I don’t know why or when. It was just who I was. It is who I am— so much so that when I wasn’t accepted into medical school my senior year of college I thought, Just watch me, and tried again. And here I am.

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Jenene Chesbrough