Dear Future Doctors - Anonymous


Careers can be made and broken in milliseconds. Sometimes, those moments decide who you will become as a provider. I have witnessed, over a 30 year period, skilled providers become nothing more than button pushers. And, on the other hand, I have seen those who once seemed careless become heroic.

If like me, you are fortunate enough to be mentored by the heroes, hopefully you will learn the value of honing your skills through practice. Practice is what will allow you to sleep well, knowing you have given your best to those you care for.

The single most important thing I want to pass on to those just starting their provider careers (no matter how many ‘letters’ you get behind your name) is that you have the opportunity to learn from everyone you come in contact with. Everyone— patients, colleagues, techs, service staff, everyone. You never know which moment, which millisecond, will lead you to your full potential and determine what sort of provider you will become. When you are bored with your 10th presentation of the day, stay present. The speaker may just offer you that millisecond, and you need to be ready for it. 

And consider the types of things you’d want those you care for to say about you to their mothers, daughters, friends, and other providers they come in contact with. Then work diligently to live up to those words.

You have chosen a profession filled with anxiety, pain, and self-doubt.  But you have also chosen a profession that will give your life purpose and meaning. When a person takes their last breath, they are left with only the memories they’ve made. Be a good memory for everyone you meet and make some good memories for yourself, as well.

 Nameless Provider

July 17, 2019

Tracy Sanson